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  List of IPR Chairs

Doctoral & Rese arch Programs 

  • Protection of Databases in India : Response of Law, Analysis of Existing Situation and Mapping Future Course of Action 
  • Copyright Protection for Non-Literal Elements of a computer program and its future in Indian Judicial System with special reference to West Bengal 
  • Alternative innovation Protection Framework for India : With Special Reference to Indian MSME Sector 
  • Law relating to protection of plant variety and Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture and Farmers' Rights in India and the USA 
  • Patent Prosecution Challenges to Biotechnology Inventions 
  • Patentability of Human Embryonic Stem Cells - A Comparative Study on Eu- India Perspective of Legality   
  • Beyond the ?Indian Bayh-Dole? Act - Governing University-Industry Collaboration in India 
  • Compulsory Licensing of Patents and its effect on Competition. 
  • Patentability of inventions involving Biological resources with reference to India, EU and USA: A comparative study 
  • Patent Infringement Analysis: Structure, Procedure and other Implications with Special Reference to US, EU, Canada, Australia and India 
  • Politics of Knowledge Economy: A Developing Nation Study of Interface between Intellectual Property Rights & International Human Rights



  • Protection of Traditional Knowledges of Indigenous People : Issues and Challenges

  • Fan Fiction and Copyright Law : Indian Perspective

News & Events

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