List of IPR Chairs


I. Scope for protection of transgenic crops & processes under Patent Act and PVP&FR Act-for International Crop ssociation- 2009

  • To analyse and highlight the scope for IP protection for transgenic crops, processes and products relating to agri biotech towards innovation and better technologies for food security.
  • To have a critical analysis of the current IP legal regime and its impact on R&D, Investment and technology transfer in agri biotech.
  • To evaluate the scope of protection for transgenic crops, processes and products and highlight the ambiguities in the interpretation of PPVFR Act and its impact on investments in seed industry, specially to address the issues like rights of researchers & farmers, sales of non-branded (brown bag) transgenic seeds etc.
  • To detail the conflict areas among the acts (IP Act, PPV&FRA, EPA, Biodiversity Act, Seeds Act etc) in the context of Agri Biotech and possible solutions to resolve the same. 
  • To study the interface of other acts like Seed Act and related regulatory regime complex with IP laws for plant and seed sector.
  • To highlight the need for appropriate amendments to meet the goal of inventing new varieties to address the food security issues. 
  • To compare the developments of IP legal regime in Europe and US to augment best practices in the existing legislations.
  • To submit suggestions for existing provisions of legislation and also for newer provisions in the existing acts.

2. Bidri metal works - an imported art form evolves to perfection in India Loss of identity for metalworkers in the art form in Hyderabad- for Indian Institute of Foreign Trade- 2011 Geographical Indications as a form of Intellectual Property is protected by Law has been associated with Europe since 19th century has assumed universal application with the advent of the TRIPS agreement. India a signatory to TRIPS agreement enacted the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration & Protection) Act of 1999 and has aggressively pursued the registration of various indications. However the impact of this registration on the economic and social life of various artisans is yet to be studied and analysed. The study commissioned by the Centre for WTO studies of the International Institute of Foreign Trade is a pioneering attempt to unravel the contours of the Act and its operations. The study titled Bidri metal works- an imported art form evolves to perfection in India- Loss of identity for metal workers in the art form in Hyderabadaims to explore the registration of the Bidriware in the State of Karnataka and its impact on the artisans in the neibhouring State of Andhra Pradesh. The Study involved field trips, questionnaire based information from the artisans, the Government officials to unravel the various implications.

News & Events

Workshop - Monday, March 13, 2017

Image result for images for new iconMHRD IPR Chair & NC Banerjee Centre for IPR Studies, NALSAR University is organizing a ‘One day workshop on IP issues in Computer Related Inventions’ on March 18, 2017 at NALSAR Campus.


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